Spray In Bedliners

Why Scorpion Truck Bed Liners?

Our bed liner for trucks system is composed of the highest quality polyurethanes that keeps your truck bed looking new for years to come. This tough, virtually impenetrable polyurethane resists both moisture and rust, unlike many other “drop in” bedliners. By using a drop-in, moisture and rust can get into the smallest of cracks and the tiniest of holes, rendering your bedliner useless within a short period of time. Not with Scorpion Coatings. We understand the pride our customers take in their truck beds and we know what it means to keep your truck looking new for years to come.
Extremely Tough and Durable – Lasts the life of your truck

Non-Skid – Stays in place

UV Color Stability – Unlike other bedliners for trucks, Scorpion will not fade!

Custom Color – We understand not all truck beds should look the same!

Custom Texture Options (Glass-smooth or extremely aggressive. It’s up to you!)

Anti-Static – Static decay is less than 1 second

Lifetime Warranty – A bedliner for trucks that comes with a peace of mind

Applicators in Every State

In exact coating terms, Scorpion XO2 is an acrylic-reinforced, aliphatic, aromatic polyurethane. In simpler terms, it is a chemically engineered product that uses the best characteristics of polyurethane. This gives Scorpion incredible strength and when combined with our patented acrylic blend, adds ease of application and UV stability.

Scorpion liners aren’t just for trucks!

By applying Scorpion liner and rubber crumb we can make surfaces slip resistant, such as decks near a swimming pool as shown below.

Scorpion liners provide superior protection and, unlike paint, will never fade or need to be replaced.


Compact truck/full size short bed:  $425 under the rail, $475 over the rail
Full size long bed:  $475 under the rail, $525 over the rail

Rocker Panels
Compact truck: $200 without fender arches, $225 with fender arches
Full size truck: $225 without fender arches, $250 with fender arches

Metal Flake
Add $60 (available in red, orange, silver, blue, green, purple)


White: add $100
Red, gray, brown, yellow, purple, olive green, blue, desert sand, light gray, maroon, HD orange: add $80

color match to vehicle: varies according to color

Rubber crumb: Free!
Flattener (removes shine, increases hardness): add $50

Liner services for commercial and industrial applications available.

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